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The financial support of our visitors helps keep MIT OpenCourseWare going and growing. OCW now offers more than 1800 courses, virtually the entire MIT curriculum – useful, high-quality materials in the sciences, engineering, humanities, business, and many other disciplines. We continue to expand our free content, but there is a substantial expense in publishing these materials.

Megan and her co-workers. "I spent last summer in Guatemala working with a volunteer organization on technologies for a small-scale plastics recycling program. Disposable water bottles were strewn everywhere, and something had to be done. There was no money for consultants – we relied solely on the Internet for our research.

I returned to OCW again and again for information on plastics, recycling technologies, water filtration, and more. The project was a success, and we could not have done it without OCW! Thank you for this amazing resource."

-Megan, graduate student

The cost of "free" education

Publishing new and updated courses (about 200 per year), producing new video materials, developing our new Highlights for High School program, and improving the web site all incur a significant cost. Every course on OCW goes through an extensive process to make sure it is presented in a useful, accessible format. When professors use external materials like photos and graphs, we research copyright owners and get permission to publish them on OCW. Our video courses, among the most popular on OCW, require hundreds of hours of filming, editing, and captioning for the hearing impaired. But all this content production is just a part of our work – we distribute the materials through a reliable world-wide network to every corner of the globe. We also support alternative distribution channels like mirror sites – nearly 200 of them – for areas with limited Internet access. In total, it costs about $4 million each year to support OCW.

Think about the return on this investment

You use resources like the six-semester course in Chinese language and culture taught by Professors Wheatley and Tong, Professor Lewin's memorable video physics courses, and Professor Strang's unparalleled calculus course complete with online text book. You know what these materials mean to you. Some of your fellow OCW users – both teachers and learners – transform these resources into great programs that serve humankind, whether through educational innovations or other projects that make our planet a better place.

We are truly inspired by stories like Megan's (see inset) that show how OCW is helping to improve the world and change lives.

We need your help

MIT is committed to keeping OCW open and free to all, everywhere. You know the value of OCW to yourself and how the materials offer a greater value to humankind. And now you know the cost. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 – or whatever amount is right for you – directly supports the production and distribution of high quality MIT course materials.

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