1 Preliminaries; Overview of Course
2-3 World Music and Globalization: Current Perspectives
Afropop: African Stars, Sounds and Genres
4 Artists Gone International: Youssou Ndour and the Rise of Senegalese mbalax
5 Music and Protest: Fela Anikulapo-Kuti's Afro-Beat; Mbira and Chimurenga Music of Zimbabwe
6 Music as a Tool for Humanitarian Aid in Africa First paper due
7 The Politics of Globalization: Paul Simon's Graceland
Global Rap and Hip-Hop Culture
8 Rap and Hip-hop in Africa
9 Hip-hop in Korea Second paper due
10 First Exam
11 Guest Lecture by Benjamin Herson (Nomadic Wax)
12 Rap and Hip-hop in Japan: Guest Lecture by Ian Condry
13 Catch-up Session
Suggested Local Event: Performance by Orchestra Baobab
Dance, Film, and the Impact of Recording Technologies
14 Creating Anglo-Asian Identity: Bhangra and Bhangramuffin

20-minute Guest Lecture/Demonstration by MIT Bhangra Team
15 The Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthum
Suggested Local Event: Intercollegiate Festival of African Music and Arts @ Tufts University
16 Techno, Rave, and Youth Culture Final project proposal due
17 Beloved Crooners of Canto-pop; Karaoke in East Asia
Karaoke Outing
Music, Culture and Religion: the Case of Reggae
18 Ska, Reggae, and Dancehall: A Historical Overview
19 The Bob Marley Legacy
20 The Globalization of Reggae Final project progress report due
21 Second Exam
Suggested Local Event: Performance by Lamine Touré and Group Saloum
22-25 Final Presentations
26 Conclusions Final papers due