Study Materials

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .mp3.

This section features the audio files needed for the assignments and readings. It also includes a link to flashCube.

Audio Files

The following audio files are courtesy of Julian Wheatley, Tong Chen, Jin Zhang, and Min-Min Liang and have been used with permission.

Unit 8
8.1 (MP3 - 1.6 MB) Five short narratives illustrating temporal and logical sequences
8.2 (MP3 - 1.1 MB) Some short interchanges or comments on sports
8.3.2 (MP3) A short dialogue on population
8.3.3 (MP3) Five short dialogues involving comparison
8.4.4 (MP3 - 1.0 MB) Talking about the size of cities and population
8.5.1 (MP3) Dialogue: At the fruit stand
8.6 (MP3) Dialogue: In the store
8.6.1 (MP3) Five very short dialogues involving the word shì<qing>
8.7.1 (MP3) Dialogue involving Chinese regional languages
8.8 (MP3 - 3.6 MB) A narrative about Lin Mei
8.9 (MP3 - 1.2 MB) Jobs, versions 1 and 2
8.11 (MP3) Dialogue: What did you do yesterday?
8.12.1 (MP3) Three short dialogues involving directional complements
Unit 9
9.1.2 (MP3) Dialogue: Who's in the photograph?
9.3 (MP3 - 1.4 MB) Bargaining, the Chinese way
9.4.1 (MP3) Standing or sitting in class?
9.4.3 (MP3) Four short dialogues involving current actions
9.4.5 (MP3) At the temple
9.6 (MP3) Dialogue: Buying a seal
9.7 (MP3) Eight short interchanges
9.9 (MP3) Peking Duck
9.10 (MP3) Three very short interchanges
9.10.1 (MP3) Getting home
9.11 (MP3 - 1.7 MB) Fourteen easy pieces, short comments and interchanges
9.12 (MP3 - 1.9 MB) Wáng Xuéyïng
Unit 10
10.4 (MP3 - 1.5 MB) An interview with your teacher
10.8.1 (MP3) Some short phrases and interchanges involving verb combos
10.8.3 (MP3) Moving out
10.9 (MP3) Some sentences involving transformations
10.10 (MP3) Some short dialogues involving bèi
10.10.3 (MP3) A dialogue
10.11 (MP3) Seeking opinions
10.12 (MP3 - 2.2 MB) On smoking
10.12.1 (MP3) Dialogue: Smoking
10.13 (MP3 - 2.8 MB) Driving
10.15 (MP3 - 2.8 MB) Communication tools
10.17.1 (MP3) Leaving a message
10.18 (MP3) Chinese etiquette


Some of the assignments reference a program called flashCube, which is a computer program that helps students learn the Chinese material presented in this course. flashCube is available for download on OpenCourseWare at the 21F.101/21F.151 site.