Part I: Introduction
1 Course Introduction. An Auto-ID Primer (I)
2 Course Introduction. An Auto-ID Primer (II)
Part II: Auto-ID Technologies (RFID and Beyond)
3 Introduction to the RFID Appliance Assignment
4 RFID Appliance Assignment: Application Development and Technical Overview of an RFID System Assignment 1 due
5 RFID Tags and Systems: Anatomy, Economics and Costing
6 The Physics of RFID
Part III: Policy and Strategy
7 RFID Architecture and Industry Configuration
8 Auto-ID System Software Industry
9 Legal and Policy Issues Surrounding RFID eBusiness Applications Assignment 2 due
10 Valuation of RFID Investments Assignment 3 due
Part IV: RFID, The Future and You
11 RFID and the Future of the Supply Chain: Toward the 5 Cent Tag
12 RFID and Future Business Models: Manufacturing Cost Simulations for Low Cost RFID Systems Assignment 4 and 6 due
13 Planning for Future RFID Initiatives
Part V: Final Papers and Presentations
14 Final Papers and Presentations: Student Presentations and Course Closure Assignment 5 due